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Music for Film, Video, Broadcasting, Advertising

Accordion Country Ballad

Accordion Country Ballad

Emotional Country Ballad with Guitar and Accordion

A Folk Country Band, featuring Bass, Drums, two Guitars and a held Accordion, play an emotional Ballad. Sweet tension between these instruments generate a calm and peaceful feeling. Well suited to promote your musical needs for presentations, commercial or documentation, wherever you need this beautiful feeling.

Three different lengths included:

  • Accordion Country Ballad Full 2:52 min
  • Accordion Country Ballad Short 1:38 min
  • Accordion Country Ballad Clip 1:16 min

Short versions are not cut outs, but versions with less chorus and verse and have regular ending. The long version can be cut to further short versions.

Zip file includes 6 audio files in WAV (3) and MP3 (3) format and a PDF with credits for these tracks.



Accordion Country Ballad